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“Nick has not only been an advocate for public safety, he’s been a positive force in promoting a healthier and better community. Join with me in supporting Nick Cocchi for Hampden County Sheriff.”

— District Attorney Anthony Gulluni 

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“I am honored to support Sheriff Nick Cocchi in his campaign for re-election. Sheriff Cocchi has proven himself to be an exemplary public servant. He has fulfilled the many responsibilities he shoulders through the difficulties of COVID and a vast number of other challenges, including the transport of inmates through the mold issues at the Roderick Ireland Courthouse. He is a man of solutions. He focuses on what's wrong, not who's wrong, which results in solving problems rather than complaining about them. He is focused, determined and dedicated, and perhaps most importantly, he is a man of his word. I am honored to call him a friend.”

— Clerk of Courts Laura Gentile 

“Hampden County is beyond lucky to have my friend Nick Cocchi as our Sheriff. Sheriff Cocchi is not just a leader in our county and Commonwealth, but our country. He has led on the opioid crisis, modern day corrections and keeping the residents of Hampden County safe. He has my unequivocal support for re-election.”

— Register of Deeds Cheryl Coakley-Rivera

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“Sheriff Cocchi is a true professional and a proven leader. I fully support Sheriff Nick Cocchi for his re-election.” 

— Register of Probate Rosemary Saccomani 

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“Over the past several years I have gotten to know Sheriff Cocchi on both a personal and professional level. He exudes everything you want and need in a Sheriff; empathy, compassion, and most importantly, selflessness. He has been a trailblazer in so many areas like Section 35 and substance use disorders, behavioral and mental health, to name a few. It is not an exaggeration to say that everything good happening in Hampden County Nick is involved with. The only thing Sheriff Cocchi does better at than being the best Sheriff in Massachusetts is being one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. He is a gift to our County.”

— State Senator John Velis, Westfield

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“I am proud to endorse my friend, Nick Cocchi, for re-election as Sheriff of Hampden County. Since being elected in 2016, Sheriff Cocchi has been on the forefront of the opioid crisis, rehabilitative corrections and public safety in Hampden County. He has been a great partner to the First Hampden and Hampshire district and I wholeheartedly support his campaign for re-election.”

— State Senator Eric Lesser, Longmeadow   

“I have the highest regard for Sheriff Cocchi’s work as a public servant. His commitment to transitional programs and rehabilitation has been key for the community of Hampden County. His approach is based on the belief that we can all become better people. Residential reentry programs - a partnership initiated by him - strengthen the path for individuals after they serve their sentence as they transition back to their families and community.” 

— Senator Adam Gomez, Springfield 

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“Sheriff Cocchi has seamlessly continued the legacy of great work that our Sheriff’s office has come to be known for throughout Massachusetts and across the nation. His efforts to establish the first Section 35 substance use treatment center in western Massachusetts, along with being on the front lines in assisting communities with COVID relief efforts, serve as examples of Nick’s exemplary public service on behalf of the residents of Hampden County. I strongly endorse his re-election to the office of Hampden County Sheriff.”

— Representative Joseph Wagner, Chicopee 

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“I am pleased and honored to support Sheriff Nick Cocchi. He has done a remarkable job as our Sheriff. His innovative style, compassion and dedication is a role model for all Sheriffs not only in Massachusetts, but the entire country. He has earned re-election and has my 100% support”

— Representative Angelo Puppolo, Springfield 

“I’m proud to endorse Sheriff Cocchi for re-election. He has been an excellent partner for us here in the City of Springfield. I know I can count on him to continue doing great things for our city and our county.”

— Representative Orlando Ramos, Springfield

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“I am grateful to work with a Sheriff who prioritizes helping those housed to return to our communities with the tools and support to be productive neighbors and lead their best lives. Sheriff Cocchi has my full support for his re-election.”

— Representative Patricia Duffy, Holyoke

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Bud WIlliams.jpg

“I am proud to endorse Sheriff Nick Cocchi for re-election. He has been a tremendous partner to the City of Springfield, and we are fortunate to have him as our Sheriff.”

— Representative Bud L. Williams, Springfield 

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“I stand with Sheriff Cocchi. He is well respected across the state thanks to his approach to providing life-saving quality healthcare to those incarcerated due to mental health and drug addiction.”

— Representative Carlos Gonzalez, Springfield 

“I have known Sheriff Cocchi for 30 years and worked side by side with him at the Sheriff’s Department. Not only does he have the character to do the job, but he earned his way up the ranks and knows the department inside and out. I proudly support Sheriff Cocchi as I know both personally and professionally, he is the only person for the job.”

— Representative Brian Ashe, Longmeadow 

"I am proud to support my friend and fellow Ludlow resident Sheriff Nick Cocchi in his re-election campaign. Over the last six years Sheriff Cocchi has continued and built upon the work of former Sheriff Mike Ashe to reduce recidivism rates, prepare those incarcerated for the workforce, and fight the opioid addiction crisis. I'm looking forward to partnering with Sheriff Cocchi as he continues this important work for another six years."

— Representative Jake Oliveira, Ludlow 

“I have the utmost confidence in Sheriff Cocchi continuing to lead the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. He deeply cares about our community and works tirelessly to find ways to improve rehabilitation and the treatment of people with mental health or substance and alcohol use issues.  He has earned my full unconditional support because of his compassionate leadership and commitment to keeping our communities safe.”

— Representative Michael Finn, West Springfield 

Michael Finn and Sheriff Cocchi.jpg


“The City of Springfield and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department has a long history of working together for the betterment of the residents and business community of our city. Simply put, Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi is truly one-of-a-kind and I deeply appreciate his unwavering support in continuing this tremendous partnership. Sheriff Cocchi has a proven record of accomplishment and his work speaks for itself. He and his team’s efforts to not only be firm, but fair in empowering those who have been incarcerated towards a positive path of re-entry. Also, his efforts with Section 35 drug rehab program are outstanding – he’s saved and turned around so many lives and families. It is my pleasure and honor to stand with my friend, our Sheriff Nick Cocchi.”

— Mayor Domenic Sarno, Springfield

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“Under Sheriff Nick Cocchi, the Hampden County Sheriff’s Office has been an incredible resource to the City of Holyoke. From providing officers to work side by side with the Holyoke Police Department to numerous community events to benefit Holyoke public school children, the Sheriff and his staff have always been there for Holyoke. I strongly endorse his campaign for re-election.”

— Mayor Joshua A. Garcia, Holyoke

“Sheriff Cocchi is the type of elected official that cares about Hampden County and follows through with his commitments. Speaking as the Mayor of Agawam, I can say that he has always responded when I reached out for assistance. His staff has worked road details when we were short staffed both on construction details and assisting with Six Flags and Big E traffic issues. When we need the assistance of a K-9 Unit for missing individuals, drug searches or rescue situations he immediately responds. We are very fortunate to have a Sheriff that has roots in Western Mass and truly cares about the needs of our community and its residents.”

— Mayor William Sapelli, Agawam 

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“Sheriff Nick Cocchi has been a valued partner to Chicopee, whether providing quarantine facilities for our first responders during the pandemic, or ensuring students attend school ready to learn. He has always been there when we needed his office’s assistance. I strongly endorse Nick Cocchi for re-election as Sheriff of Hampden County to continue keeping us safe and helping address difficulties in our community.”

— Mayor John Vieau, Chicopee 

“When my community needed help, Sheriff Cocchi gave it to us. No questions asked and then made it happen. It is that simple.”

— Mayor Michael McCabe, Westfield 

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