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Sheriff Nicholas Cocchi

Nick is a highly decorated corrections professional whose skill, competence and thorough understanding of the corrections processes and duties of Sheriff exceeds the high benchmarks necessary to keep our community safe and return offenders to our streets as productive and contributing members of our society.



2017 - Present

In the leadership position as Sheriff of Hampden County, Nick continues to evolve the field of corrections and law enforcement with the goal of improving outcomes for incarcerated individuals and improving the overall quality of life in Western Massachusetts.

Deputy Superintendent

2011 - 2016

Prior to being elected as sheriff, Nick was responsible for the day-to-day operations in the sheriff’s office’s most vital departments, including all inmate housing units, the Standards and Training Department, Inmate and Staff Wellness, the Health & Safety Department, and Staff leadership and Development.

Assistant Superintendent

2008 - 2011

Nick was appointed to oversee the development and implementation of a Specialized Housing Unit; a dedicated housing area made up of inmates that are preparing to enter back into the community. He developed a re-entry focused program that prepared these inmates to successfully return to the community as law abiding citizens.

Assistant Deputy Superintendent

2004 - 2008

Nick was in charge of the supervision and implementation of training for over 800 full and part-time Sheriff’s Department employees.  He oversaw and assisted in the development of the curriculum and coordinated the Western Massachusetts County Correctional Officer’s Academy.  

Lieutenant, Training & Staff Development

2001 - 2004

Nick managed and supervised a multi-regional Training Academy comprised of recruits from Sheriff's Departments from all four Western Massachusetts counties. This rigorous curriculum educates, prepares, and trains future Correctional Officers, counselors and caseworkers to work successfully and respectfully not only with the inmate population but also with their co-workers and the entire community.  

Sergeant, Special Operations Unit

2001 - 2004

Nick was responsible for the overall safety, security and integrity of both the staff and inmate populations as well as the institutional confines of the entire correctional center.  He played a key role in the implementation of Facility Disorder Management Plans which are designed to control situations such as riots and disturbances, escapes, weather-related incidents, work stoppages, and mass arrests.

Sergeant, Pre-Trial Living Unit

1998 - 2001

As a supervisor of the pre-trial offender population, Nick dealt with the numerous issues that arise from the newly incarcerated population still awaiting trial.  He was also responsible for the training of the staff assigned to the living units while managing and ensuring the safety of both the inmates and staff.  

Corporal, Special Operations

1996 - 1998

Nick was in charge of training and orientation of newly hired and veteran Correctional Officers on the procedures and protocols of the facility. Some of Nick's specialty certifications are: use of force instructor, fire arms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, PR-24 baton instructor, cell-extraction instructor, interpersonal communications skills instructor, mediation certified and mentor facilitator.  

Correctional Officer

1993 - 1996

As a Correctional Officer, Nick was responsible for supervising and maintaining controlled living units that housed over seventy offenders. Nick embraced the department's motto "strength reinforced with decency; firmness dignified with fairness.” Nick’s biggest strength, which led to his success as a correctional officer, is that he walked and talked side-by-side with the inmate population on a daily basis. He understood the issues they faced and took pride in helping coach them to successful resolutions.


"I have devoted my entire career to helping people who have lost their way, to return to our community as better citizens, less violent and less likely to re-offend. I have dedicated my life to making Hampden County safe - for my family and yours"

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